The Forest Estate

Today we have over 10,000 hectares (around 12.5million trees) under plantation in our forest estate on land owned or leased by the Company, or under commercial arrangements with landowners in the region.

Initial plantings were within 150km radius of Albany-Frankland to the north, Walpole to the west and Wellstead to the east.

During establishment, APFL introduced an award winning scheme to plant alternative, non-commercial species in addition to blue gums on strategic areas on farms that needed environmental plantings.

These plantings, which remain the property of the landowner and are not harvested, continue to provide ecosystem benefits and form a part of our Plantation Management Plan.

Additionally, a further 2,000 hectares of natural forest in the form of remnant native vegetation is managed for conservation purposes.

Albany Plantation Forest Company - mature bluegum plantation

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